Sport in the Islamic Penal Code of Iran: from protection of Sports Activities to the Corrective and Educational Role of Sport

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1 Department of Law, University of Gonabad, Gonabad, Iran

2 Researcher in Sports Law


Today, sports plays an important role in social activities. Sports has amateur and professional fans. Sports has many positive effects on society. Sports contributes to the formation of peace in society. Sports is also effective in reducing crime and correcting criminals The Islamic Penal Code od Iran pays attention to sports and sports activities. there are two articles concerning sport in this code. Article 43 views sport as a way to correct the offender, and Article 158 of the Islamic Penal Code does not criminalize sports activities under certain conditions, even if they are a crime. This descriptive-analytical research has tried to examine the role and position of sports in this law. The inclusion of these two articles in the Islamic Penal Code shows that the legislator has tried to use the educational effects of sports to correct criminals and to provide legal protection to athletes who commit crimes in sports. The Islamic Penal Code provides both criminal protection for sports activities and the corrective role of sports in society