The place of sports in citizenship law and Islamic law

Document Type : Original Article


Department of law,Abadeh Branch,Islamic Azad University,Abadeh,Iran


The expansion of sport has taken place with the development of human culture and civilization. Regarding sports Islam has many tips: shooting and riding and physical exercises are generally part of the physical exercises. In Islam, importance is given to healthy recreation and sports, and even betting on some competitions, such as horseback riding and shooting are allowed. Numerous verses and narrations are in Islam about sports and its necessity. There is a clear view of the Shari'a regarding the subject of sports. The purpose of this study is to determine the position of sports in civil law and Islamic law. This article has been written in a descriptive-analytical method. The main question in this article is what is the place of sports in citizenship and Islamic law? This article concludes that sport has an important place in citizenship and Islamic law and Islam places great emphasis on sports and one of the factors in the implementation and realization of citizenship rights is sports by citizens. Also, the more democratic a country is the more sport develops.